The Cleaner Plate Club

The Cleaner Plate Club

Raising Healthy Eaters One Meal at a Time

Beth Bader, Ali Benjamin


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If you’ve ever had to grapple with picky eaters who won’t touch anything but chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese, Beth Bader and Ali Benjamin have a solution. Their unique ideas will help you present fresh foods that appeal to kids, eliminate food waste, and help you quit worrying about what your children eat. A must-have for every family, The Cleaner Plate Club is an easy recipe for healthier kids and happier parents.


Beth Bader:

Beth Bader has been a photojournalist, writer, and shark wrangler.  As much activist as cook, she is, most of all, a mom determined to make the world a better place for her child, one meal at a time. She is a food blogger and contributes to the websites EatLocalChallenge and EatDrinkBetter.

Ali Benjamin is the co-author of The Cleaner Plate Club and the author of the YA novel The Thing About Jellyfish. Benjamin has worked for big companies, grassroots non-profits, and the Peace Corps. Still, one of her greatest achievements so far is seeing her children dive into a bowl of kale.