Build It! Robots

Build It! Robots

Make Supercool Models with Your Favorite LEGO® Parts

Jennifer Kemmeter


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  • Excellent for unplugged playtime and STEM learning
  • LEGO kits come with instructions for building just a few models. The Build It! series supplements the fun with hundreds of new ideas
  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions take the guess work out of building
  • The Build It! series feature the most common parts found in LEGO sets, so that kids who already have lots of LEGO parts at home can still use the books
  • Gender neutral (much of the competition seems targeted to boys)
  • Kids can make many different models from one kit—they don’t need to take apart what they created before going onto the next model in the diorama


Jennifer Kemmeter:

Jennifer Kemmeter spent her early career working in marketing and economics at a multinational firm. Her twin sons became captivated by LEGO® products early in life, and as she built models together with them, she was thrilled to see her boys so engaged in a creative and problem-solving activity. As their passion became contagious, Kemmeter began a new career as a designer, author, and publisher of children’s books.