Mistress of Night and Dawn

Mistress of Night and Dawn

Vina Jackson


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From international bestselling author Vina Jackson comes the seductive story of a love affair that spans the globe

Growing up, Aurelia was haunted by the mysterious death of her parents when she was very young, and she has always longed to know the truth about her past. At eighteen, she meets a man who will change her life forever, and when he disappears before she can learn his name, she vows to find him again.

Thanks to an unknown benefactor, Aurelia travels to America to continue her education. There she comes across the existence of an exclusive ball that has been held every year for centuries. The decadent celebration of the senses travels from country to country, cropping up in secret locations and including only a very selective list of guests.

Caught up in a world of passion and intrigue, Aurelia soon becomes one of the ball’s star attractions. But little does she know that as her involvement with the festivities increases, she is coming ever closer to discovering the truth about her mysterious benefactor, her own past, and the identity of the one man she has ever truly loved.


Vina Jackson:
Vina Jackson is the pseudonym for two established writers working together. One is a successful author; the other is a published writer who is also a financial professional in London.