Being Right Is Not Enough

Being Right Is Not Enough

What Progressives Can Learn from Conservative Success

Paul Waldman


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"Waldman's book is terrific-good sense mustered with evidence, well argued, and sharply written to boot. I agree fervently with almost everything he writes. This is the indispensable book for the 2006 elections."
--Todd Gitlin, author of The Sixties and The Twilight of Common Dreams

"A well-sourced, partisan blueprint for undoing Republican control of the nation."
--Publishers Weekly

"Here's the ticket for Democrats to get back in power: read this book, understand what it means to be a true American progressive, expose conservatives as the mean elitists they are, get tough, and fight back. Nobody paints the strengths of progressives and the weaknesses of conservatives like Paul Waldman."
--Bill Press, author How the Republicans Stole Christmas

"With clarity and passion, Paul Waldman demonstrates persuasively that the forces of the right have not 'taken over the country,' as the media often lazily put it. They've only taken over politics. That can be reversed, and Waldman shows exactly how."
--Michael Tomasky, Editor, the American Prospect