Galaxy Blues

Galaxy Blues

Allen Steele


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Hugo Award-winning author Allen Steele returns to the universe of his Coyote Trilogy and Spindrift with the story of one man’s trials and tribulations as he voyages across the cosmos—and within himself.
“My name is Jules Truffant, and this is the story of how I redeemed the human race . . .”
Expelled from the Union Astronautica space fleet, Jules Truffant faces a future on the ground instead of in the stars. Desperate to put his disgrace behind him, he stows away onboard a Coyote Federation flagship in order to start his life over on the colony world.
But after a misunderstanding involving a stolen lifeboat and a crash landing, Jules begins his new life on Coyote in prison. Before he can be deported back to Earth for a lengthy incarceration, Jules receives an unexpected visitor. Morgan Goldstein, a billionaire entrepreneur, offers him a proposition: sign up as shuttle pilot aboard the freighter Pride of Cucamonga in exchange for amnesty.  
The Pride’s mission to Rho Corenae Borealis to develop a trade relationship with the alien hjadd runs smoothly—at first. Then Jules’s luck betrays him once again. Now, to make amends with both the aliens and his employers, he must take part in a voyage across the galaxy to place a probe squarely in the path of a black hole as it plows through an inhabited star system.


Allen Steele:
Allen Steele was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and received his BA in communications from New England College and his MA in journalism from the University of Missouri. Before turning to science fiction, he worked as a staff writer for newspapers in Tennessee, Missouri, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC. His previous novels include Orbital Decay, Labyrinth of Night, and The Tranquility Alternative. Steele is a two-time winner of the Hugo Award in the novella category. He lives with his wife, Linda, in Whately, Massachusetts.