The Ever Breath

The Ever Breath

Julianna Baggott


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Follow the secret passageway . . . and discover the magic!

In a world where locust fairies flutter and firebreathers burst from snowbanks, two children are having the adventure of their lives. Truman and his twin sister, Camille, have just met their grandmother . . . and she’s a little strange. She whispers a tale about something called the Ever Breath, an amber orb that maintains the balance between our world and a dreamy one of imagination—and evil.

Soon Truman and Camille find themselves in the Breath World, a magical place where ogres clash and a mouse holds the key to a mystery. Some creatures want to help them—and some want them D-E-A-D. That’s because the Ever Breath has been stolen, and an epic battle is raging to bring it safely back. Can the twins save not only one world—but two?


Julianna Baggott:
Julianna Baggott is the author of several novels including the Anybodies trilogy, written under the name N. E. Bode, which People Magazine described as “Potter-style magic meets Snicket-y irreverence,” and her work has appeared in dozens of publications. Learn more about her at