HBR Guide to Making Better Decisions

HBR Guide to Making Better Decisions

Harvard Business Review


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A compilation guide that explains how to make better decisions at work. It will provide advice on key steps of the process including looking at the problem from different angles, brainstorming possible solutions, evaluating risk, using data to inform your decision making, and overcoming cognitive biases.

  • Help readers work through the problem they're trying to solve, assess risk, and make better, smarter choices for their team and organization.
  • Provides a process for readers who constantly face challenging decisions that don’t have clear-cut answers.
  • Breaks down key steps in the decision-making process, including analyzing the problem, assessing possible solutions, and making the final choice.
  • Written by a variety of HBR expert contributors, so readers will get a wide array of advice that they can then cater to work for them.
  • Teaches readers how to identify who should be involved in the decision, how to work through uncertainty and analysis paralysis, how to overcome cognitive bias, how to use data to better inform decisions, and how to respond appropriately when they make a bad decision.

Audience: Managers of all levels, though this topic would also resonate with anyone who struggles with making decisions at work.