Fart Dad

Fart Dad

The Case of the Toynado

Pete Ziolkowski


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Based on a true-ish story, Fart Dad is all about faith, family and farts. The reality is, no family is perfect. Every person is different. Our imperfect differences will cause either frustration or appreciation. There really is no other option. As a married father with three young children who works a full-time job, Pete Ziolkowski understands how challenging it can be to find the time to prioritize the things that really matter in life – while still enjoying some of the things that don’t. Fart Dad: The Case of the Toy-nado is a story that a dad wrote with his kids. After his wife gave her blessing, of course. It’s a story that will help families to enjoy engaging around everyday issues, and that, in a way that will help them appreciate each other’s differences and grow closer together.

Fart Dad is filled with funny twists and turns. It’s got potty humor, but heart too. Join us on a fun, fart-filled, faith-finding adventure through every-day life that strengthens families while saving a city’s toy supply, and more importantly, a mother’s sanity.


Pete Ziolkowski:

Pete lives in Milwaukee with his wife, three kids, and one dog.  And he LOVES his dog!  He serves as the lead pastor of Imago Dei Church.  Pete loves discovering and sharing ways to make the hope of the gospel accessible and applicable to every part of everyday life for everyone.  Nothing is better than be satisfied by the love of Christ for the glory of God.