Silicon States: The Power and Politics of Big Tech and What It Means forOur Future

Silicon States: The Power and Politics of Big Tech and What It Means forOur Future

Lucie Greene


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With outsize supplies of cash, talent, and ambition, a small group of corporations including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google have been gradually seizing leadership - and consumer confidence - around the world. In Silicon States, renowned futurist Lucie Greene offers an unparalleled look at the players, promises, and potential problems of Big Tech. Through interviews with corporate leaders, influential venture capitalists, scholars, journalists, activists, and more, Greene explores the tension inherent in Silicon Valley's global influence. If these companies can invent a social network, how might they soon transform our political and health-care systems? If they can revolutionize the cell phone, what might they do for space travel, education, or the housing market? As Silicon Valley faces increased scrutiny over its mistreatment of women, cultural shortcomings, and its role in widespread Russian election interference, we are learning where its interests truly lie, and about the great power these companies wield over an unsuspecting citizenry.


Lucie Greene:
Lucie Greene is the Worldwide Director of the Innovation Group at J. Walter Thompson, J. Walter Thompson's in-house futures and innovation think tank. She leads the Innovation Group's ongoing research into emerging global consumer behaviors, cultural changes and sector innovation, with regular deep-dive studies and daily insights.